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My youngest son just turned three, and we had a great time celebrating at our favorite little local pumpkin patch (“Another Pumpkin Patch” in Gervais, Oregon). The pumpkins were a great backdrop for this autumn-born boy! The birthday theme was Batman (how do preschoolers learn about this stuff, anyway?). We didn’t get too fancy, but let me share a few tips for throwing a great on-location birthday party.

1. Choose a Great Location for Your Party

another pumpkin patch

We chose this pumpkin patch because it has a hay fort and a corn maze, a tent in case it rains (which it did!), and because it is a working farm run by some friends (and ALL the proceeds go toward charity!). As a bonus, the tent was decorated with pumpkins and had tables, so we didn’t have to add any extra decorations. A good location enhances the party just by being a cool place!

2. Choose Meaningful Details Like a Homemade Cake

batman cake

And if you don’t have time to make your own cake, have a willing relative or friend do it! This Batman cake was made by my sister. It’s just a simple two-tier cake with a paper skyline on it and the Batman logo with my son’s name in it. We have all seen those amazing parties on Pinterest, but don’t feel like you have to go all out to have a successful birthday party. Kids are pleased with simple things: food they like, somewhere to play, and of course, a couple of presents!

3. Invite Your Favorite Friends and Family

giddy and shannie laughing

Our birthday parties so far have been family affairs, so the guests are usually grandparents and aunts and uncles. My kids always look forward to celebrating with the special people in their lives.

4. Serve Portable Food

At the pumpkin patch, we had hay bales for seating, and no convenient tables where we could eat, so having portable food was a must! Every birthday party needs drinks (we brought a gallon of lemonade in a jug with a spigot — this might have been my three year-old’s favorite part of the day!), a cake, and some snack foods (like SunChips – one of my personal favorites) or even a meal.

Here’s a great recipe for a Walking Taco from SunChips, which are a great addition to birthday parties or any other occasion. I have been a fan of SunChips since they hit the market back when I was a kid. A one ounce bag (used in the recipe below) provides 18 grams of whole grains, has no MSG, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Sunchips Walking Taco

Disclosure: This post sponsored by SunChips. Opinions are my own.