holiday decorations challenge

The entries are all in. The deliberations are complete. The only thing left to do in our DIY Holiday Decorations Challenge sponsored by Dollar Tree is to announce the winner! (Did you check out all of the fabulous entries?) Who gets the $100 gift card? We know you’re dying to find out!

But first…

Meet Our Guest Judge

This month our guest judge is Jessica from Mad in Crafts and Decor Hacks. She’s no stranger to the dollar store – she even makes a guest appearance here on DSC every now and then showcasing her frugal creations. Here are just a few of her holiday decorating projects, all of which involve elements purchased at the dollar store.

Snarky Christmas Canisters

[Snarky Christmas Canisters]

Dollar Store Snowflake Coasters

[Dollar Store Snowflake Coasters]

Bible Passage Canvas

[Bible Passage Canvas]

We’re so glad to have her as a guest judge! Now that you’re acquainted with Jess and her work, let’s get down to business.

DIY Holiday Decorations Challenge Top Picks

As usual, we were blown away by the project submissions for this challenge! There were many different types of projects and decorating styles represented. Somehow, though, we managed to narrow the field to our favorite picks!

5. 3D Paper Snowflake Banner

3D Paper Snowflake Banner

[3D Paper Snowflake Banner by Doodle Crafts]

If you prefer your holiday decor to be bright and colorful, this 3D paper snowflake banner might be just the thing you’ve been looking for to round out this year’s display. The great thing about this project is that by simply changing the color scheme used to make the snowflakes, you can make it fit into any decor scheme from loud and funky to high-end elegance! [how to make a 3D paper snowflake banner]

4. Elegant Holiday Topiary

Elegant Holiday Topiary

[Elegant Holiday Topiary by Simply Belle]

Speaking of an elegant, high-end look, another of our favorite projects was this elegant holiday topiary. Combining different metallic colors gives it lots of visual interest, and it is reminiscent of something you might find at Pottery Barn but without the hefty pricetag. [how to make an elegant holiday topiary]

3. Pancho the Snowman

Pancho the Snowman

[Pancho the Snowman by Just Dip It In Chocolate]

Cute and functional? That’s a combination we can’t help but love! Not only does this happy little snowman offer a friendly face to those who pass by, when nighttime comes he also emits a soft, glowing light. Use him anywhere that you could benefit from both some holiday cheer and the guidance of a night light! [how to make Pancho the Snowman]

2. Let It Snow Wreath

Let It Snow Wreath

[Let It Snow Wreath by Mama Nibbles]

If your holiday decor isn’t complete without the perfect wreath, here’s the project you’ve been waiting for. Not only is this wreath perfect for celebrating the upcoming holiday season (no matter which holiday you celebrate), it’s also appropriate to keep up through the rest of the winter months. [how to make a Let It Snow wreath]

And The Winner Is…

1. Faux Birch Candles

Faux Birch Candles

[Faux Birch Candles by A Night Owl]

Are you swooning? Because we are! Taking a cue from stores like World Market and Pottery Barn, Kimberly from A Night Owl whipped up these nature-inspired candles. Why spend a fortune on designer candles that you’re just going to burn up when you could DIY these beauties and have enough money left in your pocket to buy yourself a nice, well-deserved gift? Perhaps the best part of this project is that it uses flameless pillar candles, so you can use them year in and year out without eventually ending up with used-up nubs of wax at the end. [how to make faux birch candles]

Kudos to Kimberly, and thanks to everyone who submitted their projects! We hope you all enjoyed browsing through the entries as much as we did!