Ken's bachelor pad (via

If there is one thing we love more than crafting, it is seeing the projects that our work inspires.  We get quite a few e-mails from readers sharing their own creations with us, and it always blows us away how people take our ideas and inspirations and turn them into fabulous finished products.  After all, that is why we do what we do!  This is a project that came to us from reader Madison P., who created this dollhouse scene for a competition and gathered almost all of her inspiration and supplies from the dollar store.  She was even kind enough to provide details on how she constructed all of the parts!  Thanks Madison, and excellent work!  She writes:

“I have been a Barbie and Ken doll collector for 25 years and recently went to the first ever Kenvention in Chicago, Illinois two weeks ago. I entered their competition in the diorama category Modern City Life and after procrastinating all summer as to what I would create, I thought the best place to brainstorm was Dollar Tree, two weeks before I left for the Kenvention. That’s what Heather would do, right? (Not the procrastinate part…the brainstorming part!)

“So, I am attaching the final product. It’s a New York City bachelor pad. And I dare say it looks more realistic than the pink and plastic furniture and accessories one finds at any given toy store.

“The sofa was created from three pencil boxes, two computer wrist pillows, a zen garden frame, and four computer keyboard erasers (for feet) from the back to school section at the Dollar Tree Store. (and some remnant fabric and glue)

“The textured modern art above the sofa was created from a plastic notebook and picture frames purchased from Dollar Tree. Do you see a theme here?

“The modern lamps on either end of the sofa were created by inverting clear lip gloss tubes with iridescent shimmer and gluing a sequin to the upside down top to give the impression of a light switch. Again, all purchased at Dollar Tree.

“The end table closest to the window was created from a clear glass cube, small picture frame and several tile erasers from Dollar Tree.

“The coffee table was created from four clear plastic cubes that housed puzzles from the toy section and the table top is a piece of beveled mirror purchased from Dollar Tree.

“The candle holders on the fireplace mantle and coffee table are upside down thumbtacks from the back to school section at Dollar Tree.

“The bar was created from two locker door pencil caddies which were inserted into each other. Four computer keyboard erasers were used to create the ‘feet’. And a piece of vinyl tile was cut and stuck together to create the bar top. Again, all pieces purchased from Dollar Tree.

“The television was created from a magnetized photo frame and the ‘speakers’ on either side began their life as pencil sharpeners from the back to school section at Dollar Tree.

“The exterior room walls, and floor as well as the fireplace walls started out as pieces of foam core board purchased from Dollar Tree and were covered with scrapbook paper and spray paint.

“I received second prize in the category Modern City Life all thanks to the resources I purchased at Dollar Tree.”

Congratulations on your win, Madison, and thanks again for sharing your creation!