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What’s a bridal shower without a wedding shower game? Well, in my family, we usually try to bring in a crafty activity as an alternative to bridal shower games. Instead of playing cheesy games at my sister’s bridal shower, I decided to create SMASH Book station for the guests. The station was a table where friends and family could write notes, memories, blessings, or create a cute card for the bride and groom. The cards would then all be taped or glued into the SMASH Book, and the whole book would be done before the night was over.

pink smash book folio

What’s a SMASH Book? It’s sometimes called the “un-scrapbook” — a very cool memory book system that makes it very quick and easy to create a scrapbook, without all the tools, supplies, and work of a traditional scrapbook. You may have seen them at Wal-mart, Target, or your craft store. The SMASH Book system also includes clever tools like a pen/gluestick combo, small books of printed tags, and of course, my favorite — washi tape! You can visit the SMASH Book blog and see how people use their books. Also, this video is SO CUTE:

The great thing about SMASH Books is that they are inexpensive, and very high on style. You can use items from the dollar store or even your stash to include in a SMASH Book station. The SMASH line includes cute coordinated tapes, tags, tabs, pockets, and other accessories, but you can use whatever you like (or have on hand).

Wedding Shower Game Alternative: SMASH Book Station

smash book bridal shower setup

Whether your guests are crafty or not, they can write a note that includes a memory, a blessing, or just a short congratulations. The SMASH Book station includes lots of crafty embellishments for those who want to get a little more creative. Find some items for the station at the dollar store, or in your craft stash (you know you have one! Use it up!).

Project Materials:

  • SMASH Book, $12.99
  • Scrapbook paper or notecards, on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue sticks, on hand or $1
  • Pens, on hand or $1
  • Scissors, a couple pairs, on hand or $1 each
  • Assorted stickers, $1 and up
  • Washi tape, $1 and up
  • A basket where guests can put their completed notes, on hand or $1

Total: $14.99 and up

A note about supplies:

Dollar Store Finds: Get extra glue sticks, pens, markers, stickers, and even scrapbook paper and chipboard embellishments at the dollar store. I also check the dollar sections at Target, Wal-mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Michael’s for cute embellishments.

Scrapbook Paper or Note Cards: I used some on-hand dollar store notecards I had, cut in half, for guests to write their messages on. Remember the bridal shower invitations I made for this party? I used a lot of the same supplies. You can use any paper you have on hand — just make sure you provide something for guests to write their messages on!

Washi Tape: This is colorful masking tape that you can use for tons of different crafty projects. It makes these little scrapbooks look ADORABLE, and it is so fast to just put a piece of washi tape on a card to insert it in the SMASH Book. You can get washi tape in the $.97 craft bins at Wal-mart, in the stationery section at Target (4 rolls for $4 — $1 each), or with the SMASH Book supplies for about $3 for a good-sized roll.

The Scrapbook: I love the SMASH Book for this project because it is stylish and well-made, and will make a great keepsake for the bride. The price is very reasonable for the high quality of this product.

Tips for Setting Up a SMASH Book Station:

smash book bridal shower crafting

  1. Set several chairs up at a table, with adequate lighting, and with all the supplies within reach.
  2. Make sure you have enough pens and supplies for several guests to work at once.
  3. Put signs on the table to help guests know what to do. Include a sample of what you intend guests to do.
  4. You might also want to have an “attendant” at the table to help.
  5. Have a basket where guests can put their completed cards.
  6. A small trash receptacle on the table or under it can be helpful.
  7. Make sure guests sign their notes!

I am a huge fan of SMASH Books, and I think they make a terrific wedding shower game alternative. You can find SMASH Books in many retail stores, as well as on

Disclosure: I received a SMASH Book for free, as well as some supplies. I bought some more because I liked them so much! I was not compensated or required to write this post. Opinions shared are my own. Amazon affiliate links to products.