15 uses for matchboxes

Ever wonder what you could do with an empty matchbox? Turns out, you can do A LOT with those little things! I am sharing 15 great ideas for recycling matchboxes over at Homemade Simple. I love this one: using a matchbox as a tiny gift box — great idea for those small trinkets you are giving to your loved ones this week! Want to see what my other 14 great ideas are? Head on over to Homemade Simple: [Creative Uses for Matchboxes]

Project Estimate:

  • Empty matchbox, 8 for $1
  • Small piece of gift wrap, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand

Total: 12.5 cents each!

mini book cover matchbox

Download my free Matchbox Covers Printables to make matchboxes into tiny office supply containers (that look like wee books!)