Are you obsessed with crafting? Do you treat crafting like a sport?  When it comes to skill, are you the Martha Stewart of your local town?  Is crafting a huge part of your social life? Do you enter crafting contests and consider yourself the ringleader of crafting for your community, state or even the nation?

 If you visit the craft store and hobby shop more than you go to the grocery store and you are the “queen of crafting” with an outrageous personality that people would enjoy watching on TV like Paula Dean or Abbey Lee Miller—then we want to hear from you!

Emmy award winning Production Company is on the hunt for THE most EXTREME CRAFTERS to star in a new show about YOU! If crafting is your life and you want to share your skills with the rest of the world, then email us now!

[email protected]

NOTE: Do not reply to this blog post to apply — we are NOT affiliated with the casting director and are just sharing this announcement.

Please include

1.     Name and phone number

2.     City and State you live in

3.     Links to Website, FB, etc

4.     Recent pictures of you and some of your crafts

5.     A short paragraph about you, your personality, your crafting and why you’d be great for the show!

*** The ideal situation is for you to make me a short casting video: include a bio on you and crafting, show off your wacky or outrageous personality, why people would want to watch you on tv and maybe show some of your crafts.  Be creative if you like



Tami B

Casting Director

Extreme Crafter