Free printable Valentine's Day cards

I have a “thing” for Valentine crafts.  I don’t usually do much that involves girliness and lacy bits, so February 14th is my annual excuse to add a little bit of extra femininity to every project.  In making these cards, I went for a retro-ish look, adding a touch of trim to make them just a wee bit girly.  (But not too much!)  I liked them so much when I got done with them that I decided to scan them into the computer so you can print them out and give them as well!  The card comes with three different sentiments; love, be mine, and kiss.  Download the designs below!

I also want to share a card making tip with you.  This time of year, Valentine’s Day craft supplies are usually full price, but Christmas supplies are on clearance!  The polka dotted paper I used for these cards is actually a Christmas print- the reverse side of the paper was very obviously Christmas-y, but the side I used was perfect for the Valentine look I wanted!  Can’t find Christmas paper left in the stores?  Baby girl papers in pink patterns are also ideal to repurpose for Valentines!

“Love” Valentine’s Day Card

“Be Mine” Valentine’s Day Card

“Kiss” Valentine’s Day Card