pom pom valentine wreath

I’ve talked before about my wreath stalking tendencies. I particularly love atypical wreaths. The kinds of door decor that makes you pause and go “oooooh.” And that’s exactly what happened when I saw Heidi from Honeybear Lane’s fluffy Valentine’s Day wreath. Heidi says she bought 12 packages of pom-poms to make her wreath but it appears her packages contained fewer poms than the large bags at the dollar store. If you want to do an all pink wreath, you may need extra packages, but if you like mixed colors, you could probably buy just 3 bags of dollar store poms to make one wreath. If anyone makes one, please let us know how many bags you used!  [how to make a pom pom heart wreath]

Project estimate:

  • Heart shaped wreath form, $3 and up
  • 6 bags of pom-poms, $6 and up
  • Hot glue gun and glue, on hand
  • Ribbon for hanging, on hand

Total: $9 and up