heart wastebasket

Just the other day I was noting that Dollar Tree had wire wastebaskets in a few different colors and found myself pondering their crafty possibilities.  Then I saw this cute idea by Maize Hutton!  (Can you say “seriously adorable?”)  The mesh of the wastebasket makes it kind of like a large-scale cross stitch canvas, so you could add all kinds of cute designs to embellish one!  I’m particularly fond of how she used a couple of very basic crochet stitches to add a scalloped edge to the rim.  It’s the perfect way to add an extra festive touch to your office or work space for Valentine’s Day!  [how to make a Valentine heart wire wastebasket]

Project estimate:

  • Wire wastebasket, $1
  • Yarn, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $1 and up