Make a Mini Chalkboard Magnet

I must be dreaming of spring already.  Christmas has barely passed and I’m ready for pastel colors, flowers, and playing outdoors.  Those wishes inspired this sweet chalkboard magnet.  Made to look like a window decorated with flowers, it can do double duty as fridge decor and a mini message keeper.

chalkboard magnet

Project estimate:

Total: $5.50 to make two magnets

Window magnet Tutorial

To make your own mini window magnet:

Step one:  Cut the strings off the chalkboards and paint.  (Optional:  give them a distressed look by using ink).

Step 2:  Glue the chalkboards together to look like a window.

Step 3:  Glue the miniatures and flowers to the “window”.

Step 4:  Glue the magnets to the back.

Mini chalkboard Magnet
The chalkboards are small, so you don’t have a ton of writing space, but it’s enough for little reminders or motivational messages.  Start making them now while you’re stuck indoors, and when spring rolls around you’ll have little gifts ready for Easter, Mother’s Day, and teacher appreciation!