Tutorial: Recycled Snowflake Window Garland

Now that the holiday season has passed, but it’s still a little early to start decorating for spring holidays, how do you decorate in the meantime?  I love decorating with snowflake-themed items to transition between holidays this time of year.  So when I heard about the Let It Snow! blog party, I knew I had to join up!  (Scroll to the bottom of this post for tons of great snowflake-related craft projects!)  My front door was looking a little bare, so I decided to dress it up a little.  I had everything for this project on hand, so all it cost me was less than an hour of my time!

Project estimate:

  • Large snowflake punch, on hand or about $15
  • Security envelopes, on hand
  • Fishing line or thread, on hand
  • Tacky glue, on hand

Total:  Free and up

Tutorial: Recycled Snowflake Window Garland

I always save security envelopes from bills and junk mail because the patterns inside the envelopes are so much fun!  For this project, I grabbed three envelopes each printed with a different black and white pattern.

Tutorial: Recycled Snowflake Window Garland

Punch snowflakes out of the envelopes with a paper punch.  I used a large snowflake punch and got between 10 and 12 snowflakes out of each envelope.

Tutorial: Recyled snowflake window garland

Use Tacky Glue to attach the snowflakes to a length of fishing line or thread.  This will give the snowflakes the illusion that they are floating in the air!  If you are hanging the garland on a window divided by panes, you may find it easier to get the spacing of the snowflakes even between the panes by hanging the fishing line first and then gluing the snowflakes up.

Tutorial: Recycled Snowflake Window Garland

Hang the garland in front of the window with a little bit of tape.  To complete my door, I used six strands of snowflakes, each running top-to-bottom across the window.  I am very, very happy with the results, especially considering that the snowflakes came from paper that would have otherwise gone straight to the recycling bin!

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