Need Valentine cards? You could give store-bought cards, but there are so many cute, clever printable Valentines out there!  Some are made to pair with various small gifts, while others will only cost you a small amount of ink and paper.  I’ve spent a lot of time checking out free printables this season, and I bookmarked some of my favorites to share. Here is a collection of ten free printable greetings covering a wide variety of styles for your downloading pleasure!

Free Printables: 10 Clever Valentine Greetings

[Soda Tag Valentines by Darling Doodles]

Sweet treats aren’t just limited to candy and baked goods. These tags by Brie at Darling Doodles turn a soda into a token of affection. After all, you ‘ll need something to wash down all that candy, right?

Free Pirntables: 10 Clever Valentine Greetings

[“You Spin Me” Lollipop Valentine by Uncommon Designs]

When Trish at Uncommon Designs came across some spinning lollipops at Dollar Tree, she knew she had to find a use for them! Children of the 80s, lick your heart out.

Free Printables: 10 Clever Valentine Greetings

[Fishbowl Valentines by I Heart Naptime]

Do you like Swedish Fish candies? I love them (even though I hate picking them out of my teeth for hours afterward). Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime made this free printable that turns the fishy little candies into a cute classroom handout; check the dollar store for the candies and bags you’ll need for this one!

10 Printable Valentine Greetings

[Arrow Pencil Valentines by Positively Splendid]

For a non-candy treat, a pencil is always a good, inexpensive option. Use these printables by Amy at Positively Splendid to turn those simple pencils into something more! (And the addition of the eraser as an arrowhead is genius!)

10 Free Printable Valentine Greetings

[Freakin’ Awesome Valentine Cards by Maiko Nagao]

This one came to us as a reader submission via our Facebook page from reader Maiko Nagao, and we’ve gotta say, we agree that it’s freakin’ awesome!

10 Free Printable Valentine Greetings

[Miniature Valentine Cards by Ambrosia Creative]

Need some itty-bitty cards? No problem! These Moulin Rouge-inspired cards by Jenn at Ambrosia Creative are just the right size to tuck into a jewelry box or a bouquet of flowers.

10 Free Printable Valentines

[Carry On Valentines by 74 Lime Lane]

A parody of the classic British WWII poster, this card by Kellie at 74 Lime Lane has a classic charm and sense of humor that make it timeless.

10 Free Printable Valentine Greetings

[Bee Valentines by Mom Endeavors]

Sara from Mom Endeavors wanted bee-themed cards for her son’s class, but didn’t want the usual “bee mine” sentiment. So she made her own!

10 Free Printable Valentine Greetings

[Printable Valentines by Swell Designer]

These spiffy cards by Alexa, aka Swell Designer, are simple yet interesting and come in great colors. The turquoise is such a fun pop!

10 Free Printable Valentine Greetings

[Printable Valentine Notes with Envelopes by Whisker Graphics]

I love that these little cards by Whitney at Whisker Graphics come with their own little envelopes! Even with the envelope they print with two on the page, so you can print quite a few of them without much cost.