Make a Baby Cleaning Crew Shirt

Ever wished that your littles were as good at cleaning up messes as they are at making them?  If you have a crawler, here’s a way they can help with the housework!  Carissa made this hilarious “cleaning crew” onesie that she shared at Creative Green Living, using a dollar store car wash mitt to make a tummy-mounted dust mop.  It’s never to early to be mommy’s little helper, right?  At the very least, this ought to get some good laughs out of people.  …Though keep in mind that your kid may never forgive you if you dub them with the nickname “Swiffer.”  [how to make a baby cleaning crew shirt]

Project estimate:

  • Onesie, on hand or $1
  • Car wash mitt, $1
  • Freezer paper, on hand
  • Fabric paint, on hand

Total:  $1 and up