Organize Your Linen Closet, Dollar Store Style

It lurks behind a closed door.  Most guests will probably never guess your deep, dark secret:  that your linen closet is a disaster!  I’ll admit, mine looks more like the before picture, and I cringe every time I crack open the door.  Tired of the mess, Kim from seven thirty three made a stop at the dollar store and grabbed everything she needed to whip her closet in BHG-inspired shape.  The number of containers you’ll need depends on the size of your linen closet and the exact contents of the closet, but we’re guessing most closets will need at least 4 or 5 various containers to tame all of the odds and ends.  The makeover seen here uses six blue plastic bins in a a couple of different sizes to corral smaller items.  Stop by her blog for more pics of the super-quick (30 minute!) transformation.  [how to organize your linen closet]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic containers, $1 each

Total:  about $5 and up

Looking for even more organizing ideas?  This was an entry in our organization challenge sponsored by Dollar Tree; check out all of the entries for lots of great inspiration!