Turn a Toy Bowling Pin into a Vase Necklace

If you’re not familiar with Michelle at Mich L. in L.A., you should be; she is one of our favorite dollar store jewelry makers.  You know how in the movie The Terminator, Arnold’s vision is enhanced to tell him information about his surroundings?  I imagine that’s kind of what it’s like to be Michelle at the dollar store.  Everyone else sees things at face value, but she has a special ability to view items in an entirely different way!  For example, when you see a set of plastic bowling pins, your first thought probably isn’t “wow, those would be great to turn into vase necklaces” – unless, of course, you’re Mich!  If you didn’t know, would you ever guess that’s what these are made from?  [how to make a bowling pin vase necklace]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic bowling set, $1
  • String or chain, on hand
  • Small rocks, on hand
  • Plants (real or fake), on hand or $1
  • Floral foam (for real plants), on hand or $1

Total:  $1 and up