Eight dollar store 30 minute crafts

Our most recent craft challenge sponsored by Dollar Tree was a 30 minute craft challenge – just how much crafty can you cram into a half hour?  We asked, and you answered with an amazing assortment of projects!  Choosing just one winner was so tough this month – if only we could give a prize to everyone!  But alas, we only had one $100 gift card to give away, and we know you’re anxious to see who is the quick crafting challenge champ!

Meet Our Guest Judge

This time around our guest judge was Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts.  As you can guess, she is quite familiar with the idea of quick crafts!  Her site is chock full of projects you can squeeze into just about any schedule.  What can you make in a half hour or less?

Washi Tape Flags

[Washi Tape Flags]

Glass Jar Roses

[Glass Jar Roses]


[Ribbon Labels for Cords]

And now…  Let’s get down to business.

Organization Challenge Top Picks

5.  Menu Plan Board

Menu Plan Board

[Menu Plan Board by Frugal Family Ties]

4.  Miniature Dollhouse Dog Crate

Miniature Dollhouse Dog Crate

[Miniature Dollhouse Dog Crate by Todd & Lindsey]

3.  Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

[Hobo Bag by Crafty Leslie]

2. Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

[Microfiber Cleaning Slippers by Housing a Forest]

And The Winner Is…

1. Rainbow Night Light Cover

Rainbow Bead Night Light Cover

[Rainbow Nightlight Cover by Suzi’s Crafts]

We love seeing simple materials turned into something spectacular, especially when it’s a cheap and quick idea.  Suzi from Suzi’s Crafts used tri-beads (an item often relegated to kiddie crafting) and safety pins to make a tiny lampshade that fits over a standard night light.  Imagine how this would make you smile as you passed it in the hallway at night!

Congratulations to Suzi, who will be the recipient of a $100 gift card from Dollar Tree.  Make sure you check out all of the entries as well – there were so many great ones that we didn’t have room to mention here!