Make Bandana Floral Centerpieces

When Janet from The Painted Piglet found herself in charge of decor for decorating banquet tables at a gathering for local motorcycle owners, she came up with a great idea.  By wrapping her floral centerpieces with bandanas, it not only gave them a fun, country look, it also gave them a little bit of a biker edge – and at the end of the night when they gave the centerpieces away, a bunch of bikers all went home with new bandanas!  These would be great for any country-themed gathering, including weddings!  [how to make bandana floral centerpieces]

Project estimate:

  • Flowers, $1
  • Floral foam, $1
  • Jar or small vase, on hand or $1
  • Bandana, $1
  • Raffia or twine, on hand or $1

Total:  $3 and up