how to make washi tape magnets

While cruising at my local Dollar Tree, I saw some magnetic vent covers. They are basically a large sheet of blank magnet. They were just crying out to be crafted. I decided to pair them with some patterned tissue from the gift wrap aisle and my trusty Mod Podge to make these cute fridge magnets that look like strips of washi tape!

Project estimate:

  • Magnet vent cover, $1
  • Tissue paper, on hand or $1 and up
  • Mod Podge, on hand
  • Foam brush, on hand
  • Scissors

Total: $1 and up!

magnetic vent cover, tissue paper, mod podge and scissors

Step 1: Remove your vent cover from it’s package and give it an even coat of Mod Podge using your foam brush. Because the tissue paper is thin and porous, be sure your coat is not very thick or it will crumple the tissue paper

mod podge

Step 2: Carefully apply the tissue paper, smoothing with your fingers to work out any bubbles or wrinkles. I chose 2 different patterns to work with. Once the tissue paper is smoothed out, apply another thin coat of Mod Podge with your foam brush. Let dry.

patterned tissue paper

Step 3: Once dry, trim the excess tissue paper from the edges. Did you see my clearly labeled “kid scissors”? Make sure you don’t use your nice scissors for this in case any of the Mod Podge hasn’t cured all the way.

trim tissue paper

Step 4: Use your scissors to cut the magnet sheet into strips. I cut the ends a variety of ways to make them interesting. Some are straight, some are at an angle and some are zig zag to look torn.

cut out magnets

washi tape magnets

These sheets will make a LOT of magnets. So make a lot and give them as gifts to your friends!

washi tape magnets