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Dollar Tree

Don’t you wish you could step into the dollar store and see what I see? When I enter the store, it’s a magical place full of crafting possibilities. You just need a tour guide, and soon you’ll be just as inspired by the dollar store as I am — come on, let’s go! Go Craft Shopping at the Dollar Store.

How will we get there? Easy, with dio, a new site that helps you tour, experience and interact with locations, events, historic times, or fantasy worlds filled with exciting quests. In dio, you can hang out with others who share your interests and hobbies in places devoted to the things you love.

Go Virtual Shopping with Heather

I created a virtual shopping trip to Dollar Tree to help show you what I see when I go dollar store shopping for craft supplies. You can go shopping with me! Just click on that link and hit the “enter” button to get started.

Don’t forget to follow me on dio! My username is Heather DollarStoreCrafts.

What’s cool about dio?

At first, I was like, huh? I don’t get it. Then I went to San Francisco Chinatown on dio, and it clicked. It was similar to the old-style adventure games I used to love back in the day. Enter a room, look at objects and pick them up. Talk to people. And I quickly got excited to start my own dio experience.

People often tell me that when they go to the dollar store, all they see is a bunch of cheap junk, but when they read my blog, they are so inspired to go get creative. I always wish there was a way to take people with me shopping so they can understand how and why the dollar store inspires me to get creative.

Heather's Virtual Dollar Store Shopping Trip with dio

With dio, I was able to create a virtual shopping trip to the dollar store that puts you right in my head as I shop around. Pretty cool, huh? You can even pick out craft supplies to buy, and get ideas for crafting with them as you shop.

And that’s not all — you can use dio yourself to create your own experiences. You can recreate an event so people who couldn’t make it can re-live it and have the same experience. You can share an experience you had with your family so grandparents and other loved ones can “be there” too (like I did with the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival), like as a wedding, or even sharing what you did during your house remodel.

I hope you’ll go virtual dollar store shopping with me! And then create a virtual experience of your own on dio to share with me! I’d love to get to know you better!

Win $100 Amazon Gift Card from dio!

I want you to try dio! So to encourage you, I am giving away a $100 Amazon gift card.

To enter, you will:

  • Visit, create a place, and comment back with the email you signed up with.
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Good luck, and have fun exploring new places!

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