Make a Paper Mache Confetti Bowl

Are you a scrap saver?  I love to keep any usable bits of leftover materials, but there is a fine line between saving things for future projects and becoming a hoarder.  (I have tried to explain the difference to my husband, but I don’t think he is convinced.)  When it came time for Carolyn at Homework to let go of some catalogs from scrapbook paper companies, she couldn’t bear to just throw them in the trash because the pages were covered with beautiful patterns.  Her solution was to punch out all of the best parts of the catalog pages and turn them into some cute, decorative bowls!  (See, now aren’t you glad you saved all of those pretty paper scraps?)  [how to make a paper mache confetti bowl]

Project estimate:

  • Paper, on hand
  • Circle punch, on hand or $1 and up
  • Bowl or vase to use as form, on hand
  • Paper mache paste, on hand
  • Mod Podge, on hand

Total:  Free and up