Star Night Light

I have to sleep in a completely dark room.  Not my kids.  They need some kind of light on.   If you or someone you know needs to have a little light at night, here’s an easy way to customize a light to match your decor…all for $1!

Night Light in the Dark

Project estimate:

  • Touch light, $1
  • Stickers or contact paper, on hand or $1 and up
  • Spray paint, on hand

Total – $1 and up

Night Light Tutorial
To make your own Starry Night Light:

Step one:  Cover the touch light with stickers in the shape of your choice.  I wanted to use stars and since I didn’t have any stickers I used my star punch and contact paper to make my own.

Step two:  Spray paint the light.

Step three:  Carefully peel off the stickers.

DIY Starry Night Light

Your new night light is ready for use!  All that’s left to do is insert the batteries, then push on the dome to turn the light on and off.

These push lights are meant for hallways and closets, so unpainted they are quite bright.  The paint helps diminish the glare and puts out a soft glow.  Perfect for snoozing!

Starry Night Light