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Stay-Closed Duct Tape iPhone Case from

Make a stay-closed case for your iPhone (or other smart phone) with Duck Tape®. What makes this design special? A clever (yet simple) way to keep the case closed so the phone won't slip out, no matter how much dancing you do–so grab a roll of Duck Tape and dollar store metal tape measure and come make a phone case with me!

Duck Tape® Crafts for Prom!

Prom season is upon us, and what could be more prom-appropriate than… Duck Tape®! Yes, you heard that right! Every year, tons of high school students get crafty with Duck Tape® to enter the Stuck at Prom® scholarship contest. The objective? To create a full prom dress and suit using Duck Tape®, to compete for one of 10 cash scholarship prizes. To celebrate the contest, I got together with some super-crafty high school students and we got to Duck Tape® crafting!

#StuckatProm Duck Tape Crafting

The prom-themed Duck Tape® craft I came up with: a Stay-Closed Duck Tape® Phone Wristlet. Most prom-goers will need a way to take their phone along with them, yet keep it safe (and most prom dresses don't have pockets!). I'm so excited about this stay-closed method for duct tape crafting, because closures are usually what stump me the most about making duct tape purses.

The secret ingredient for keeping the wristlet closed? A clever opening that is made from a metal tape measure from the dollar store. You can snap it open to get inside the wristlet, but then it snaps right back to being closed. Nothing gets in or out without your say so!

Snap-top duct tape iphone case! Cool!

Project Materials:

  • Duck Tape®, 1 roll, about $4 and up
  • A metal tape measure, $1
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Your phone, to measure
  • A piece of yarn
  • (Recommended, but optional) Goo Gone, $1 – rub on scissor blades to keep them from sticking

Total: $5 and up

Duck Tape® Wristlet Instructions:

NOTE: These measurements are for an iPhone with a hard case. Your measurements may vary depending on your phone.

1. Create a sheet of Duck Tape® that measures about 12" by 3". Make sure both sides of the sheet are covered with duct tape. Click here for more info on creating a duct tape sheet.

duct tape sheet

  • Tip: To keep your scissors from getting sticky while you work, rub a bit of Goo Gone to the edges of your scissors with a tissue. Apply more whenever you feel your scissors start to get gummy.

2. Check that your sheet is long enough: Fold the 12×3" piece up over your phone, so the top edges touch each other. The top of the pouch should extend about an inch above where your phone goes.

3. Cut two pieces of metal tape measure about 3" long. Trim the edges of the metal pieces so they are

curved, not sharp.

Duct Tape snap top purse

  • Tip #1: cut the end of your metal tape measure off — careful not to let the tape measure roll back into itself! Stick a big piece of Duck Tape® to the end!
  • Tip #2: Use dollar store scissors to cut the metal tape measure — don't risk ruining your nice scissors to cut metal!

4. Tape one metal piece to the inside top of the pouch – with the number side facing inward. Repeat for the other side. Make sure the tape measure is covered with tape.

You can see what the snap-top looks like from the side before it's taped together:

Duct Tape snap top purse

5. Create the sides of the case: Cut a piece of Duck Tape® about 5.75" long. Fold over in thirds so that you end up with a piece that measures about 5.75" long and .5" wide. Repeat. These will be the sides of the case.

duct tape iphone case side

6. Put the two small pieces on the center of a piece of Duck Tape®.

7. Attach the side pieces to the bottom sides of the main pouch piece.

  • Tip: Leave a microscopic space between the side pieces and the main piece when attaching. This will allow ample room for the sides to fold up.
  • Tip: Check that your phone fits in the case several times as you work.

8. Once sides are attached, reinforce everything with extra Duck Tape®.

9. Create the side strap by cutting a 12" piece of Duck Tape® and laying it sticky side up on your work surface. Lay a string across the long side, and roll the tape over the string until the whole piece is rolled up.

how to make a duct tape strap duct tape strap

10. Attach the strap to the top of one side of the wristlet. Anchor with extra tape.

Duck Tape Snap Top iPhone Case

Duck Tape® Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest:

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