Make Ruffle Flip Flops

It’s difficult to pick my favorite thing about this flip flop makeover by Destri from The Mother Huddle.  The colors are adorable, the ruffles are oh-so-sweet, and the elastic ankle straps are a stroke of crafty genius.  (Especially if you’re making these for little ones, who might have difficulty keeping regular flip flops on their feet!)  And it’s a good project for using up some smaller fabric scraps, which is always a plus, particularly for all the craft hoarders out there.  (Yes, I am raising my hand…)  [how to make ruffle flip flops]

Project estimate:

  • Flip flops, on hand or $1
  • Fabric scraps, on hand
  • Elastic, on hand or $1
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread, on hand

Total:  Free and up