sequin headband dollar store fashion

I bought a pretty sequin rose ponytail holder at my local dollar store knowing I could re-invent it into something way cooler – though I wasn’t quite sure what that was at the time. A few visits later when I spotted sets of headbands including some black and silver glittery ones, I knew just want I wanted to do!

Project estimate:

  • Sequin ponytail holder, $1
  • 2 skinny black glitter headbands, $2
  • 1 skinny silver glitter headband, on hand (came with the black headbands!)
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Total: $3

how to make a statement piece headband supplies

These headbands came in a pack of 4 and included one each of a metallic silver, metallic gold, black glitter and silver glitter headbands. If you buy 2 packs, you’ll get the 2 black headbands and 1 silver headband you need. They say they are for girls but they fit my (large) adult head just fine.

black glitter headbands

Step 1: Remove headbands from packaging and glue the two black ones together as shown to make a wider headband. Once the glue is set, add the silver headband, centering it between the two black ones and securing it with hot glue.


sequin rose ponytail holder

Step 2: Gently peel up the circle of felt holding the elastic to the back of the rose. Try to keep the felt circle intact-you’ll need it for the next step! Of course, you want to keep the rose intact as well. Discard the elastic.


glitter headband embellishment

Step 3: Use hot glue to adhere the three-part headband to the back of the rose. Add some extra glue to the side of the headband which lays on your hair and press the felt circle down for extra stability.


Once the glue is set, you’re ready to go!

sequin rose glitter headband


sequin headband dollar store fashion