Four fun summer craft ideas - at Dollarstorecrafts

Eek! School’s out for summer (at least here in Salem, Oregon it is!) I have to create a summer fun list for us–STAT! Here are some fun ideas from my bloggy pals to get us started:

1. Ring Around the Rosie Bracelet by Jaderbomb: Jewelry-making is such a fun and relaxing summer craft, and best of all, you can take a small beading kit just about anywhere you go. Crafty road trip!

2. Chinese Lantern DIY by Mark Montano: In his video this week, Mark teaches us how to embellish inexpensive Chinese paper lanterns. Big style with a small budget!

3. DIY Pinch & Twist Shirt by Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate: Move over tie dye, here’s a new technique for embellishing t-shirts. Looks like a burst of fireworks to me… hmm, 4th of July t-shirt idea formulating…

4. Princess Party Necklaces by Cathie Filian at Handmade Happy Hour: Love these simple and colorful baubles, perfect for a princess party, or just some summer fun for your little people.

What’s your favorite new project you’ve discovered this week? Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!