Paint a Wooden Watermelon Box

Have you ever seen the little wooden boxes that Dollar Tree sometimes gets?  They are hinged with a magnetic closure and they always fly off the shelves so fast at my store that whenever I see them, I always snag a few more, so that when an idea hits I won’t have to wait months to find them for $1 again.  Which of course means I have a whole box full of these boxes.  As part of my effort to work though my supply hoard, I came across the box of boxes and was struck with the idea to paint one to look like a slice of watermelon.  (I guess I must be in a summery mood!)  I wrote an easy how-to on Mrs. Greene showing how I did it.  [how to paint a wooden watermelon box]

Project estimate:

  • Wooden box, $1
  • Paint, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $1 and up

I think that it would be a cute way to give a small hostess gift at a summer get-together.  Personally, mine is now on my desk holding paperclips.  It’s so much cuter than the plain ol’ wire mesh holder they were in before!  I still have a ton of these boxes left, so what else should I paint on them?  Should I stick with a food theme, or change it up and paint all kinds of different stuff on them?