fourth of july wreath

If you made our patriotic windsock project from yesterday, you’re going to have some plastic tablecloth strips leftover. Don’t want to toss them in the trash?  Use them to make this festive last minute wreath! Even if you didn’t make the windsock, this wreath is a quick and easy project.

Project estimate:

  • Paper plate, on hand
  • Red rectangular tablecloth, $1
  • White rectangular tablecloth, $1
  • Blue rectangular tablecloth, $1
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Metallic star shape, $1
  • Star shaped noise maker, $1
  • Hot glue gun and glue, on hand

Total: $5 or less

tablecloths cut into strips

 Step 1: Cut Tablecloths.

Cut the tablecloths into long strips that are 1.5 inches wide.

cut a circle in a paper plate

 Step 2: Make the wreath.

Cut a circle out of the middle of your paper plate. (Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be perfect.) If your plate is thin, you may want to stack 2-3 plates together.

cut plastic strips

 Take one of your tablecloth strips and fold it  into a shorter strip that is about 8 inches long and trim the ends through the loops so that you have a small bundle of 8 inch plastic strips.

fluff plastic strips

 Tie the bundle around the paper plate and then pull the pieces apart to fluff them.

red white and blue wreath

 Continue tying small bundles of strips around the plate, alternating colors between red, white and blue. To make the colors stand out more, I tied two bundles of each color at a time.

sparkle star noise maker


Step 3: Make the center.

Cut the stars off of the noisemaker. Cut the tab off the bottom as well.

shiny red and blue star

 Center a red star from the noise maker in the middle of your metallic star cut out (these came in packs of 5 at my local dollar store) and attach with hot glue.

fourth of july wreath

Use hot glue to attach the points of the star to the wreath before hanging on your door!