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Every week on Wednesdays, I go to my mom’s house for a day of crafting. It’s a nice time to pause from the To Do lists and tasks of the week and enjoy life, crafts, and each others’ company. We often have friends join us too. This week, Jaime and her two daughters Taylor and Sydney joined us.

Our Martha Craft Day - 3 projects at dollarstorecrafts.com

I usually provide the craft supplies! This week, I brought a few Martha Stewart items I received for 12 Months of Martha: This month’s Martha Stewart Living magazine, a Martha Stewart Crafts Crafter’s Clay Starter Kit and a new book: Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids.

Our craft days are open-ended, which means I usually just put stuff on the table and let people work on whatever looks like fun to them. Jaime and her girls immediately started working on the Crafter’s Clay kits.

1. Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay Kits

The Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay kits are a lot of fun. They include several colors of crafter’s clay (which is an easy-to-use air drying clay), several silicone molds, tools, instructions, and a few other accessories that help with the crafting.

You can work with the clay a lot like playdough or modeling clay. You can use the molds to easily create intricate molded clay objects.

martha stewart crafter's clay kits

The kits are easy enough for a five year-old to work on. My son made a yellow bird with a silicone mold. Jaime worked on making individual hydrangea blossoms (instructions for how to make the blossoms were included in the kit):

hydrangea blossoms made out of martha stewart crafter's clay

2. Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids Book:

Even before I had kids, I always loved kids’ crafts books. Back when there was a Martha Stewart Kids magazine, I read it religiously (again, before I even had kids). It’s such a treat to actually have kids who are the right age to craft with now. The kids and I looked through the book together to see what projects caught our eyes.

I picked out some of our favorite crafts below to share with you:

Martha Stewart Crafts for Kids Book Projects

The Mom Picks:

1. Make stuffed animals from kid drawings
2. Cross stitch family pictures

The Kid Picks:

1. Alien spaceships made out of recyclables
2. Plastic clay beads and jewelry
3. Candy monsters

The kids gravitated to all the edible crafts, while the moms gravitated toward the keepsake crafts. I decided to make something that used materials we already had on hand: a tissue paper pom-pom.

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Craft:

tissue paper pom-pom

Project Materials:

  • 4 sheets of tissue paper, on hand
  • Cardboard tube, on hand
  • Invisible tape, on hand
  • Scissors

Total: Free

To Make:

  1. Fold four sheets of tissue paper in half lengthwise. Cut into strips to about 1 inch from fold.
  2. On folded side of paper, begin to wrap the tissue around the end of a cardboard tube. Tape as you go.
  3. If desired, cover taped area with decorative tape or ribbon.
  4. Crinkle tissue paper strips to add fullness.

3. Martha’s Blueberry Shortbreads – Vegan style

While we were crafting it up, our friend Eva was looking through the new issue of Martha Stewart Living. She decided to make the Blueberry Shortbreads, but veganized them by substituting Earth Balance spread for butter and omitting the cream cheese frosting.

Martha Berry Shortcakes, vegan style

Martha’s version is on the left, and our version is on the bottom right. Looks pretty good, right?

We had a great day hanging out and getting crafty together. Thanks to the Martha Stewart team for providing the inspiration and supplies for our fun afternoon!

Disclosure: Martha Stewart Crafts sent me these supplies. The opinions in this post are 100% my own.