Crafty Candy - 6 cool crafts to make this week! from

I have lots of crafty goodies for you this week, my friends! Some of them inspired by candy, some of them look like candy, and some are just sweet little craft projects. Which one will you make first?

Candy Crush shoes by DIY Doyenne

1. Candy Crush Sandals by DIY Doyenne

I have managed to avoid the Candy Crush addiction, but only because I am trying to discipline myself and keep on task in writing my CraftFail book! These sandals, made by the fabulous DIY Doyenne Margot Potter, are so cute you don’t even have to play Candy Crush to make them.

Speaking of candy, check out

Candy Dot T-shirt by

2. Candy Dot T-shirt by CraftyChica

I love that this shirt looks like those candy buttons, but cleverly uses fabric paint to make the candy dots. You can dress a leeeetle bit like Katy Perry without actually wearing a candy dress!

Boho Paper Jewelry by Mark Montano

3. Boho Paper Jewelry by Mark Montano

Doesn’t this jewelry look like candy? I don’t know if I should eat it or wear it! And can you believe Mark Montano made this stuff out of paper? I can’t either. I wonder if you could use candy wrappers to make it… hmmmm!

Watercolored bunting by

4. Watercolored Bunting by Jaderbomb

And if this week wasn’t colorful enough, we have this very fun and artistic project — watercolor some fabric and turn it into this pretty bunting. Perfect reusable party decoration, or make some to adorn your craft room.

Stamped Fabric Charms by

5. Stamped Fabric Charms by Handmade Happy Hour

Paper’s not the only unconventional material you can use to make jewelry — how about fabric? Stamp some fabric and your halfway to some charming charms suitable for an adorable necklace just like this one from Cathie Filian at Handmade Happy Hour.

And finally, don’t miss Morena’s very clever tutorial this week:

Faux Ceramic Decor made out of a recycled bottle - from

6. Recycled Wine Bottle into Embossed “Ceramic” Decor

I knew I should be saving our old glass bottles! Now I know exactly what to make with them — these charming embossed bottles. Such a clever project from Morena’s Corner.

So which project will you make first?