Ribbon Storage House

I think every crafter has this problem:  ribbon remnants.  You know, the bits of ribbon that are too short to keep on the roll, but too long to toss.  I’ve tried keeping them in jars, storage totes, and small bags.  It always wound up a jumbled mess.  It was hard to find what I was looking for.

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Now I finally have a solution for this problem.  I used an adorable paper mache house to create a scrap ribbon holder!  The little “preview” poking through each window helps me see at a glance what’s available.  I can easily pull out and cut the length I need anytime.  Plus, it looks adorable sitting on the counter in my craft room.  I love when storage items can be functional and fashionable!

Ribbon Storage Container

Project estimate:

  • Paper mache bird house, $4 and up
  • Paint, on hand
  • Glue, on hand
  • (Optional) Texture paste, on hand or $5 and up

Total: $4 and up


Step one:  Paint the roof of the house.  I applied a texture paste first, to give it a different appearance, but that’s optional.

Step two:  Paint a base coat over the house.  You may also want to paint the inside of the house (mine is hot pink!)

Step three:  Paint glue over the base coat to create your own crackle finish.

Step three:  Let the glue dry slightly, then paint your top coat over it.  The paint will crackle as it dries.

Bird House Painted

Step four:  Paint the base green, like grass.

Fill with Ribbon

Now you can start to fill your house with ribbon bits!  Poke a small amount through each window.  When you need a bit of ribbon for a project, simply pull the desired amount out of the window and cut. Easy to use and cute to look at!  This is so much better than a drawer full of ribbon, don’t you think?

Ribbon Storage Solution