Make a Recycled Sweater Device Sleeve

A couple of weeks ago the ladies at Crafty Hangouts hosted a Thrift Shop Challenge and I was lucky enough to have a chance to participate!  I snagged a few wool sweaters from Goodwill and got to work on felting them and turning them into custom device sleeves – these would be great for laptops, iPads, Kindles, phones, or anything that you can think of that needs a nice little pouch.  Since felt from wool sweaters is nice and thick, it not only makes your devices look pretty, it also provides them with a little bit of padding!  Click over to Mrs. Greene to see a video demonstration of how to make your own custom sleeves.  [how to make a recycled sweater device sleeve]

Project estimate:

  • Wool sweater, on hand or about $3 and up
  • Yarn, on hand
  • Large-eye needle, on hand
  • Velcro, on hand or $1

Total:  Free and up