necklace after 1

Jazz up your summer t-shirts with ease with these fringe style necklaces. You can make them for as little as $1 each using a basic dollar store supply or add embellishment for a few dollars more. These necklaces can mimic the look of raffia and the shape of spike beads but cost much less to make than a beaded or raffia necklace.

Project estimate:

  • Poly rope, $1
  • Rhinestone trim (optional), about $3
  • Button (optional), on hand
  • Other embellishments (optional), $1 and up
  • Needle and thread, on hand

Total: $1 and up

necklace step 1

Start with brightly colored poly rope from Dollar Tree. Cut a piece of rope the length of your final necklace plus one foot. Lightly burn the ends to melt them and prevent fraying.

necklace step 2

Decide on the width of your necklace. Cut pieces of rope double your width. Unravel the pieces into three separate strands.

necklace step 3

Knot the strands around your main piece of rope.

necklace step 4

Keep tying on pieces until you have enough for your necklace design.

necklace step 5

necklace step 6

You can make an easy adjustable connector by tying a single strand of rope in two or three square knots. (For instructions on tying a square knot, see this article at Then glue the knot and trim the ends of the knot. You can put the necklace over your head then pull the the ends of your rope to adjust the length.

necklace step 7

You can create long raffia-like necklaces or shorter spike bead shaped necklaces. Go crazy or conservative.

rope after green

rope necklace after blue

necklace step 8

You can embellish the basic necklace with inexpensive rhinestone trim. Cut a piece about six inches longer than the length of your necklace.

necklace step 9

Hot glue or sew it to your necklace, bending around the curved shape. Trim off any excess length.

necklace step 10

Some other inexpensive trim options include jack chain (found in hardware stores for a dollar or so a foot) or dollar store mardi gras beads. (However, don’t get too crazy. There’s a fine line between weird in a cool way and weird in a weird way when it comes to DIY jewelry. )

necklace step 11

To make an embellished connector, sew a rhinestone button to one end of your necklace and sew a loop on the other.

rope after rhinestone

Trim your fringe so it’s even. Enjoy your lightweight summer necklace.