Make an industrial pendant lampshade from a dollar store wastebasket

We’ve had some house guests this summer, and I had to think of some cheap and easy ways to make my three year-old’s bedroom presentable as a “guest room.” His pendant lamp used to have a paper lantern shade, but with three little boys in the house, that shade didn’t last long. So, I checked my local dollar store and found a cute yellow wire wastebasket that I thought would make a swell industrial-style lampshade. Check out how I did it — it only took five minutes!

Project Estimate:

  • Wire wastebasket, $1
  • Shears, on hand
  • A pendant light kit, on hand or about $6 from IKEA

Total: $1 and up

How to Make a Wire Basket Lamp Shade

how to make a dollar store lampshade

1. Cut a small circle out of the center, bottom of the wire basket. Your hole should be about 1.25″ across. Remember, a smaller hole is better because you can always enlarge it if needed.

My kitchen shears (look how well-loved they are!) did this job easily, but you can also use tin snips depending on how sturdy your wire basket is.

2. Place basket on pendant light kit, putting together according to package directions. Don’t forget to insert a lightbulb!

3. Hang up, and enjoy!

make a $1 lamp shade out of a dollar store trash can

Looking good!

make an industrial-style cage lamp shade out of a dollar store trash can

I actually like it better than the original paper lantern shade we used to have in the room!