Dollar Store Craft: Woven Ribbon Basket

What do you do with a plain plastic dollar store basket? Make it super cute by weaving in your favorite ribbon! Or get a shabby, raggy look by tying short pieces of ribbon to the basket. You can use low, wide baskets like these for a variety of situations: organizing a coffee or tea station, keeping track of your fabric (or ribbon stash!), or even in the bathroom to hold towels.

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may arts ribbon

Project Materials:

  • Plastic basket, $1
  • Ribbon*, $1 and up
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks, on hand

Total: $2 and up

*Ribbon: You can buy spools of ribbon at the dollar store, but for this sample project, I used May Arts ribbon. You might also have a stash of ribbon already, or you can use strips of fabric.

To Make:

Weaving a ribbon basket

1. Weave strips of ribbon through a basket. Alternate going over-under for each row.

2. Anchor ribbon to edges of basket with hot glue.

3. If desired, embellish the top of the basket with a row of ribbon or add additional embellishments (bows, rosettes, etc.)

Weave ribbons into a dollar store basket - great way to use up your ribbon stash!

Alternately: Cut short lengths of ribbon (about 4-6″ each) and tie to each line of the basket.

tie ribbon to a dollar store basket for a cute shabby chic look

A Note About the May Arts Ribbon:

One way to make your dollar store crafts look really high-end is to use high quality embellishments. I love May Arts Ribbon because they have a huge selection of gorgeous ribbons, and just a little bit of nice ribbon can make a dollar store craft look like it came from a high-end department store. You can buy May Arts ribbon by the yard, so it’s easy to keep costs down when you buy the length that you need for a project.

Since I discovered May Arts, I’ve had a blast coming up with pretty ribbon craft projects. I hope I can write a ribbon craft book one day!

may arts ribbon - velvet with crocheted edge

These crochet-edged velvet ribbons have to be some of my favorites!

Find May Arts:

The "adore" wreath - so cute!

Check out this adorable wreath – The Adore Wreath.

Love this gorgeous ribbon!

I fell in love with this ribbon when I went to CHA. Check out what I made when I got my hands on some of it:

Cute way to embellish a basket - love that ribbon!

I embellished a thrifted basket with some ribbon, and look at this cute little thrifted pin I added:

update a thrifted basket with ribbon and a lapel pin

I’ve made about fifty other projects using the May Arts ribbon, and I have had a huge blast working with it. I want you to experience the joy, too, so enter to win some May Arts ribbon below:

May Arts Ribbon Giveaway

I had a TON of fun creating projects with my May Arts ribbon. This ribbon is high-quality, gorgeous ribbon that adds so much to dollar store creations. Just look at all the pretty colors and styles of ribbon available from May Arts:

May Arts Ribbon Rack

Since you can buy it by the yard, May Arts ribbon is an affordable way to add high quality to your dollar store crafts:

Tons of gorgeous ribbon!

Want to get your hands on some May Arts Ribbon? Enter below to win 5 spools — a $125 value!

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