how to make your own book covers - protect your textbooks

I used to work at a college bookstore, and I know firsthand how much money college students have to invest in their textbooks! I used to be that person you loved to hate at the end of the semester who would only offer you $5 for a book you spent $100 on. One of the factors that can really affect the resale value of your textbooks is how much wear and tear there is to the cover of the book! One surefire way to extend the life (and value) of your textbooks is to add homemade book covers. Over at Homemade Simple, I show you how to cover your books (and make them look super cute in the process!) [how to make your own book covers]

Oh, and these days, your best bet for getting the most money back when you resell your textbooks is to list them for sale on Amazon!

Project Materials:

  • Large brown grocery bag, on hand
  • Textbook, on hand
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Tape, on hand

Total: FREE