feathered friend owl pumpkin

Owls have been trending for a couple years now – and for good reason. They are stinking adorable! So what do you do when you have a little girl as crazy for owls as she is for Halloween? You make an owl pumpkin, of course! Vanessa from At the Picket Fence teaches you how to make your own feathered friend from a fake pumpkin. [how to make a feathered owl pumpkin]

Project estimate:

  • Fake pumpkin, $1 and up
  • Feathers, two packages, $2 and up
  • Craft glue, on hand
  • Black felt, on hand or $0.50 and up
  • Googley eyes, on hand or $1 and up
  • Dry husk, $1 and up

Total: $4 and up

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