stitches and patches pumpkin topiary


If a scarecrow and a pumpkin had triplets, I’m pretty sure this topiary craft from Nellie Bellie would be the result. I love the raggedy look of the patches and haphazard stitches. It’s fun and whimsical and reminds me a bit of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. [how to make a ragamuffin pumpkin topiary]

Project estimate:

  • Foam pumpkins, $3 and up
  • 1 Dowel, on hand or $0.50 and up
  • Fabric scraps, on hand
  • Permanent marker, on hand
  • Cardstock tag, on hand
  • Twine, on hand
  • Hot glue gun and glue, on hand

Total: $3 and up!

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