Make Vintage-Inspired Pumpkin Decor

I love projects that take new things and make them look old.  It’s a great way to create the illusion that you’ve spent years building a collection of antiques!  If you have vintage-y decor, this pumpkin project from Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage will fit in perfectly.  I love how she mounted them on inexpensive “silver” platters, giving them the look of plaques.  It also means that you could hang these up on the wall, something that  you can’t easily do with most foam pumpkin makeovers!  [how to make vintage-inspired pumpkin decor]

Project estimate:

  • Foam pumpkin, $1
  • Small platter, $1
  • Paint, on hand
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1
  • Embellishments, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $2 and up

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