DIY Bob the Blob Slime

Slime making is a favorite activity in my home!  Just a few basic ingredients create a project that keeps my kids busy for hours.  Since Halloween is around the corner, I decided to model my slime after one of my kids’ favorite monsters, Bob from the movie “Monsters Vs. Aliens”.  This one eyed blob would make a fun party craft, or even a unique Halloween party favor.

This post brought to you by Monster Manor.


Dollar Pumpkin Makeover DIY

Halloween Slime DIY

Project estimate:

  • White school glue, on hand
  • Tempera paint, on hand or $1
  • Liquid starch – on hand or $1
  • Plastic eyeballs, $1

Total:  $1 and up


Step one:  Pour 1/2 cup glue into a container.

step 1

Step two:  Mix in blue paint.  (I prefer to use washable paint instead of food coloring, to decrease the risk of stains!)

step 2

Step three:  Pour 1/2 cup of liquid starch to the colored glue.  Mix well.  If it feels too sticky, add a little more starch.  If you end up with too much starch you can just pour the excess off.

step 3

Step four:  Add the eyeball to the slime blob.

step 4

This is a fun project to do with a large group, and it makes a great party favor.

DIY Halloween Blob Slime

You could make it any color you want, and even add glitter to it!

DIY Blob Slime