Decoupaged Thanksgiving Silverware Holder

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it brings together my entire (and very large) family for some quality time.  And while the traditional Thanksgiving dinner scene shows a family all sitting around one table, our family is so large that not only do we not all fit at one table, we also don’t fit in one room!  For this reason our holiday meals are served buffet-style.  This also means that we don’t have fancy place settings – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make everything pretty!  Over at Mom Endeavors I shared my contribution to this year’s festivities, a cute little bucket to hold all of the rolled silverware.  It’ll look so festive sitting next to the plates at the beginning of the spread!  [how to make a decoupaged Thanksgiving silverware holder]

Project estimate:

  • Metal bucket, $1
  • Silk leaves, $1
  • Letter stickers, on hand or $1 and up
  • Mod Podge, on hand
  • Silverware, on hand or $1
  • Napkins, on hand or $1
  • Curling ribbon, on hand

Total:  $2 and up