Glittery Dollar Store Bowl DIY

Dollar Tree always has lots of fun, seasonal decorative pieces, and it’s pretty easy to “take them up a notch” so they look more high end.  I liked the color and shape of these leaf bowls, so I glammed them up with glitter paint.  The paint I used is full of ultra fine glitter, but you could accomplish something similar with glitter and glue if you wanted to.


Project estimate:

  • Leaf bowl, $1
  • Glamour Dust Paint, $2
  • Acorns, on hand
  • Paint, on hand

Total:  $3

step 1

Step one:  Flip the plastic bowl over.  Paint the back of the bowl with the Glamour Dust paint.


Step two:  After the paint dries, repeat as needed.  I applied three applications to get the finish I wanted.

step 3

Step three:  Paint the acorns gold.  (As an aside, I had read to bake the acorns before you use the for crafting.  I wondered if this was necessary.  It is.  Trust me.  Unless you like finding little grubs crawling on your craft desk.)

Reverse side of bowl

I like how the gold acorns look next to the glittery orange bowl.  It makes a pretty decorative accent that doesn’t break the bank!  The leaf bowls come in different colors and shapes, so you have other options if you’re trying to match your decor.  Have fun crafting and creating!

Glittery Dollar Store Bowl