Burlap bucket place cards, so cute! click for instructions

Last week, I showed you how to make a gorgeous rustic glam Thanksgiving centerpiece perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Today I have some cute little place cards for you to add to your holiday tablescapes. These are super simple to make and just take a few supplies! Read on to find out how to make them.

Project Materials:

  • Small favor buckets, 3 for $1
  • Styrofoam balls, 6 for $1
  • Burlap, on hand or $1 worth
  • Toothpicks, on hand or $1
  • Labels, on hand or $1
  • Ribbon, on hand
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks, on hand
  • (Optional) Gold leaf stickers (mine are from Martha Stewart), $5 – Find on Amazon

Total: $2 and up for 3 place cards

Make Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving place cards - super cute dollar store craft! So easy anyone can do it

To Make:

1. Cover Styrofoam ball with burlap, securing with hot glue. Tuck into miniature pail (secure inside with hot glue).

2. Write guest’s name on a label. Glue label to two toothpicks and insert into burlap-covered ball.

3. Glue a ribbon bow to the top of a toothpick. Glue to top back of label.

4. Add a ribbon around the pail, and embellish with a gold leaf sticker (or another bow), if desired.