DIY Rock Accent Frame

I recently made some votive candles using items from Dollar Tree.  My sons liked my rocky votive so much that I thought I’d try to make a frame to go with the candle.  I really like the end result.  It’s rugged and perfect for an outdoor patio or a man cave.  Plus, it’s really easy and inexpensive to make, so you could easily make several for all the nature lovers in your life.

You Rock Frame DIY

Project estimate:

  • Frame, $1
  • Paint, on hand
  • Polished rocks, $1
  • Super glue, on hand

Total:  $2

step 1
Step one:  Remove the glass and back from the frame.  Paint your frame a color that is similar to the stones.  If you buy a dark frame you can skip this step!

step 2

Step two:  Use super glue to adhere the stones to the frame.  I started with the outer edge so I could have a straight line, then I worked towards the center.

Step three:  Reassemble the frame and add a favorite photo.  If you’re punny like me, you can print out a favorite saying or quote instead.

DIY Rocky Frame

I used a bag of polished rocks that I purchased at Dollar Tree, but you could make this frame even more personal by adding rocks that were collected on a hike or while on vacation.  You could also use stones that are all the same color to create a different look.   Have fun crafting a creating a one of a kind frame!