Repackage dollar store treats into a gift box - makes them way more special!
Yes, I love the dollar store, but that doesn’t mean I want everything to look like it came from the dollar store — especially when I am giving gifts to teachers, friends, co-workers, etc. (In fact, that’s kind of what this site is all about — taking things from the dollar store and transforming them into something way more fabulous!). Today I want to share a neat little trick I have for making dollar store treats look fancier — repackaging them into custom candy gift boxes.

Project Materials:

  • Dollar store treat boxes, 4 for $1
  • White cupcake baking liners, $1
  • A variety of dollar store candy or cookies, $1 per package — we used 5 per box

Total: $7 and up (less than $2 per gift box)

Dollar store treat packaging

I was inspired to do this project for 12 Months of Martha by Martha Stewart’s line of holiday treat packaging, available at Michaels, Jo-Ann’s, and other craft retailers. You can find treat boxes, bags, and other goodies in the line. You will also find a variety of treat packaging at the dollar store – from treat boxes, to bags, to printed cellophane wrap.

Assembling a custom dollar store treat box

Assembling a custom dollar store treat box

1. Choose a variety of cookies and candy at the dollar store. I chose mine based on looks and appeal. Some of my picks include: peanut brittle, old fashioned peppermint sticks, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate-nut clusters, frosted gingerbread man cookies, and red gummy fish.

2. Assemble a box, and insert white baking liners to hold candies.

Note: I found white baking liners in the cooking pan section of the dollar store, and I bought two sizes: standard cupcake and mini cupcake size. You can also use printed cupcake liners, but I think the white ones look classier and make a good backdrop for the color of the treats.

3. Fill the box with candy, adding a second layer of treats if desired. You will need to put some kind of sturdy divider between the layers of treats (I used a second treat box, collapsed).

Tip: If you will be shipping this gift box, you should stabilize the contents of the box with tissue paper to keep treats from shifting and mixing together.

Dollar Store treats packaged in a Martha Stewart box

The Martha Stewart treat box makes these dollar store candies look high end!

Yes, you can give a classy-looking gift on a dollar store budget! These custom candy boxes make great hostess gifts, or gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors, and others.

Custom candy gift box with treats from the dollar store - why didn't I think of that?

Disclosure: I participate in 12 Months of Martha, sponsored by Martha Stewart. I am provided with Martha Stewart product. Project, photos and opinions are my own.