Ugly Christmas sweater - before

‘Tis the Season to get ugly… with an ugly christmas sweater, that is! I was challenged to create an already-ugly sweater from into an even more ugly creation. I couldn’t say no to the challenge! Here I am modeling the ugly sweater BEFORE I got ugly-crafty with it. Also, dig the dollar store decorations in the front yard. I know how to get ugly, y’all!

I have to admit how happy I am that ugly Christmas sweaters are “a thing” now. I even bought an Ugly Christmas Sweater cookie decorating kit.

Uglify a Christmas Sweater With Dollar Store Stuff!

How to Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater from dollar store stuff

Project Materials:

  • A sweater, on hand
  • Elf doll, $1
  • Dollar store Christmas stocking, $1
  • Additional embellishments, as desired
  • Embroidery thread and needle (or hot glue)

Total: $2 and up

To Make:

1. Start with a sweater (find one in your closet or at the thrift store), and add the least attractive dollar store Christmas decorations you can find.

I used an Elf doll and a felt Christmas stocking. And I turned my sweater inside-out to give it more of a Cosby Sweater vibe.

2. Sew or glue the objects to your sweater. I sewed mine with embroidery thread and a running stitch (so I can remove them and re-decorate my sweater every year!).

I sewed the Elf to the stomach of the sweater because I am pregnant and my original concept was to make an elf in utero (Christmas light umbilical cord, anyone?) I left the stocking open at the top so I can insert goodies before I go to my holiday parties… who wants a candy cane?


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