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But First, We Bought A House!

A month ago, we bought a new house (and by “new” I mean it was built in 1964!). After house-hunting ALL SUMMER LONG, we had looked at every house in town. I seriously feel like an expert in our town’s real estate now! So after months of looking, we were going to settle on a house and make an offer, but we went out looking at houses just one more time with our Realtor. She told us about one that had just come onto the market the day before, so we decided to go take a look at it.
Well, after checking this house out, we KNEW it was a winner. The previous owners had spared no expense on details in the house – from top-of-the-line blinds, to a fully landscaped yard. We knew from our summer of house-hunting that this house was going to get snatched up immediately, so we decided to put an offer on it the next day. Well, our offer went in NONE TOO SOON because two other families made offers the same day! Lucky for us, the owners decided to choose ours, so we FINALLY had a house… of course, it takes about a month to actually complete the buying process, but that’s a totally different post.
So, at the beginning of October, we moved (everyone groan together — moving stinks!), and we are finally getting somewhat settled into our new home. Well, along with a new home, some other new items are needed! Among them, a new bed for one of our three boys. You see, our youngest boy had been sleeping in our queen-sized guest bed, but in our new house, we wanted him to move into a “boys dorm” bedroom with his two brothers. They already had bunk-beds, so we needed to add a twin-sized bed to the mix.
Enter Lightheaded Beds – a traditional wooden bed with a very modern feature — a light-up headboard with interchangeable graphics. We did a switcheroo with the boys and put our youngest boy on the bunk-bed, and let the oldest son have his own bed.

Lightheaded Beds

Check out how cool this is:

lightheaded beds - a light-up headboard with interchangeable graphics

Here’s how it works: the bed has a light-up LED headboard and a slot to put in a graphic image. You turn on the light, and the image glows from the headboard — very cool! In case you need help imagining it, it’s kind of like one of those lit-up movie posters at the theater.
Switching the graphic is easy enough for a child year-old to do!
Switching the graphic on a Lightheaded Bed
You can either order a bed of your choice online at LightheadedBeds.com or head to Sam’s Club to get a great deal on a Lightheaded Bed. Once you have the bed, you select a few images that can easily be changed out or you can order your own custom images. The footboard of the bed also works as storage for the other images that are not in use.

What to like about Lightheaded Beds:

  • These beds are classic-looking and sturdy. They are made out of real wood and they all come with a matching headboard and footboard — in a variety of styles.
  • The headboard’s backlit panel lets you change the images so when your child grows and changes interests, these beds grow with them!  Interchange the images in a matter of seconds!
  • The bed itself has a bright, LED-lit headboard — which is bright enough to read by.
  • There’s a remote with options to make the headboard brighter or dimmer and also ways to set the headboard light on a timer. (My boys LOVE the remote!)
    Lightheaded Bed remote
  • The footboard has a secret compartment to store the images you’re not using: up to 25 of them — thank you to the designers for thinking of us organizationally-challenged mamas. And the images are easy to switch in and out, with the headboard top hinged so that it stays open (no finger smashing).
  • You can create your own custom images, too! When you upload your pictures, they have to be very high resolution because the image will be printed at 33 x 13 inches.
  • But there are so many great images to choose from — My boys had a ton of fun choosing their favorite images. They picked so many that we had to make up a game to help them narrow down their choices to four. (“Which space picture do you like better? This one or this one?”)
  • There are also a lot of well-known licensed character images to choose from. Check out all of the Disney & Marvel images for your cartoon-loving kiddos.

lightheaded beds - they have a light-up headboard with interchangeable images

You can get your very own LightHeaded Bed at Sam’s Club or directly from the LightHeaded Beds site — an awesome Christmas or gift idea.

Want to find out more about LightHeaded Beds?  Check out their “about us” page — and their whole site!

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