Make a Baby Handprint Ornament

A while back I was at one of my favorite independent dollar stores and I came across a bunch of little embroidery hoops.  I brought home a whole bunch of them and ever since they’ve been in the back of my mind, waiting for a project to come along.  This year I have seen a lot of great Christmas ornament ideas that use embroidery hoops!  This one comes from the eighteen25 girls via U-Create and is a perfect way to commemorate baby’s first Christmas.  And while you’re making one for yourself, don’t forget that they would make great gifts for grandmas and grandpas as well!  [how to make a baby handprint ornament]

Project estimate:

  • Embroidery hoop, $1
  • Fabric, on hand or $1
  • Paint, on hand or $1 and up
  • String or twine, on hand or $1

Total: $1 and up