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Craft Kit Christmas Gift Crafters can be hard to shop for come Christmas time. What do you get for those people who can make everything themselves? Here is an idea that creative types of all ages and skill levels will enjoy: a craft kit in a box!

This is an extremely versatile idea because you can adapt it to work for anyone. Know a child who is interested in jewelry making? Have an aunt who is hooked on crochet? Young or old, beginner or expert, all of the crafters in your life are sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift! Dollar General has a fabulous selection of pretty gift boxes that are perfect for holding all of the items in your kit – and the boxes are s pretty that they are like a gift themselves!

Project estimate:

  • Box, $1 and up
  • Craft supplies, on hand or $1 and up

Total: $1 and up

Craft Kit Christmas Gifts

1. Pick a tutorial or pattern.

Find a project that you think is appropriate for the interests and skill level of the recipient. Make sure that the tutorial or pattern you pick is one that is available for unlicensed distribution. Not sure? You can always drop your favorite blogger an email and ask for permission to use their ideas in this way. Make sure you let them know that you won't be selling the kit – most bloggers will probably be more than happy that you're helping to spread their ideas!

Print out a copy of the instructions and tuck them into an envelope. Alternatively, you could also create shortcuts to the links online and put the shortcuts onto a flash drive to include in the box. (Ooooh, high tech!) Check out the end of this post for links to a few projects we think would be great for making craft kits.

Craft Kit Christmas Gifts

2. Find a box.

Make sure the box is big enough to hold all of the materials for the project you've selected. For instance, if your project involves knitting and you are including a pair of needles, a wine bottle box might be a good way to go. For projects that use smaller items, like beaded jewelry, a little square box would be appropriate.

Christmas gift boxes at Dollar General

Dollar General's selection of boxes included several pretties that I brought home – two of them even have a velcro closure o the flaps that makes them seem fancy, even though I only paid $1 or $2 for each of them! Check out all of the awesome boxes they had!

Craft Kit Christmas Gift

3. Gather the materials.

Make sure that the recipient will have everything they need on hand to finish the project. (For this example, I used a beginner crochet pattern for a coffee mug cozy. You can find the pattern here.)

If the project requires any special tools that the recipient does not or might not already own, such as a crochet hook, a bone folder, or a hole punch, make sure you include these items as well. (Of course, avid crafters might already have much of these items in their possession.) If you have the materials in your stash, great! If not, head out and buy what you'll need. If you're using a Dollar Store Crafts tutorial, Dollar General will likely have much of what you're looking for!

Craft Kit Christmas Gifts

4. Fill the box.

Tuck the instructions and all of the materials and tools into the box. It's ready to gift! Here are a few more tutorials that would make lovely craft kits:

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