DIY Personalized Sleds

I love personalized gifts!  I think it shows a little bit of extra thoughtfulness when someone takes the time to add your name to a gift item.  This year, I’m personalizing adorable wood sleighs that I can use as gift tags, and the recipient can use as an ornament.  These are so easy to make that you can make a dozen in one craft sitting!

DIY Sled Ornaments

Project estimate:

  • Mini Wood Sleds, $0.57 each
  • Paint, on hand
  • Stickers, on hand
  • Ribbon or string, on hand
  • Alene’s True Snow (optional), $2.50

Total:  $0.57 and up

step 1
Step one:  Paint the top of the sled white.  (I ordered my sleds from Consumer Crafts.)

step 2

Step two:  When the white paint has dried, use stickers to spell out the desired name.

step 3

Step three:  Paint the entire sled the color of your choice.  Allow it to dry.

step 4

Step four:  Carefully peel off the stickers to reveal the white paint underneath.

Personalized Ornament DIY

(Optional) Step five:  Spread True Snow on the sled to create the appearance of snow.

DIY Name Ornament

Pretty cute, don’t you think?  My name is not very common, so I always get excited when I receive a personalized gift like this.  You could even make them for your own tree:  names of grandchildren, pets, even favorite vacation spots.  Have fun crafting and creating!