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Candy cane hook -- cool idea by

Check out this clever idea: making a hook out of candy canes. We made this hook out of dollar store candy canes mounted to a flooring sample from our local home improvement store, and a perfect paint job thanks to the DIY magic of FrogTape Textured Surface. Read on to find out how to make this clever dollar store craft.

FrogTape Textured Surface Kit

Project Materials:

  • Mini candy canes, $1
  • Flooring sample or small block of wood, Free
  • Red acrylic paint, on hand or $1
  • FrogTape® Textured Surface Kit, $14.99
  • Ribbon, $1
  • (Optional) Embellishments like stickers, on hand or $1
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wax paper, on hand or $1
  • Scissors or paper trimmer, on hand

Total: $17

About FrogTape® Textured Surface: Every crafter knows the frustration of working on textured surfaces. The orange peel finish on your wall might be great for hiding imperfections, but it’s NOT great for creating an easy accent wall with stripes! FrogTape Textured Surface is a specially designed product that was made to help you tackle all those difficult textured surfaces. Now it's easy to renovate, upcycle and decorate just about any textured area.

I decided to use the power of FrogTape® to help me create crisp, clean lines on some cork flooring samples for this craft project, but I wish I would have had it a couple weeks ago when my husband painted our new living room accent wall. It would have made his job a lot easier. I was impressed with this great review of how FrogTape® works for making stripes on walls over at Makely Home.

How to Make a Candy Cane Hook:

Frog Tape Kit

First: Painting the Frame:

Apply FrogTape to Wax Paper to create a mask

1. Apply three overlapped strips of FrogTape® to a sheet of wax paper. This will allow you to cut a specific shape out of the tape and get an exact rectangle on your flooring sample.

Trimming FrogTape® on wax paper to make a specific shape

2. Trim FrogTape® into a rectangle about 1" smaller than your flooring samples. Peel the wax paper off the back of the FrogTape® rectangle, and apply tape to the flooring sample.

Rub a damp cloth on FrogTape® to activate its stickiness

3. Rub a damp cloth over the tape to activate the FrogTape® sticky power and help it to adhere to the textured surface.

Apply liquid to FrogTape® textured surface

4. Apply the FrogTape® Textured Surface liquid to the edge of the tape and let it dry for 15 minutes.

The liquid will create a barrier between the edge of the tape and the cracks under the tape, keeping paint from seeping underneath. You can see how this would be really helpful if you were taping off a design on a textured wall.

Painting over FrogTape

5. Paint around the edges of the flooring sample, and allow paint to dry.

Peeling off FrogTape - clean edges

6. When paint is dry, peel off the FrogTape®. Check out those clean edges!

Candy Cane Hook

7. To create the hook, make three hearts with candy canes and hot glue. To make a heart, unwrap candy canes, and glue them with hook sides facing each other. When the three hearts are dry, hot glue them together, leaving a small gap at the bottom of the group. Glue one candy cane facing up (like a hook) into this gap. If desired, cover the joined area with an embellishment.

8. Add additional embellishments as desired (we added a small 'Joy' garland at the top of our hook, and hot glued it on.

Back of Candy Cane Hook

9. Add a hanger hook to the back. We knotted a piece of ribbon and hot-glued it to the back of the flooring sample (carefully – you don't want to break your candy cane hook!). If you want to use the hook as an ornament, glue the loop of ribbon to the top of the flooring sample, and then cover the back of the ornament with some felt, Christmas cardstock or fabric.

Candy Cane Hook

All done! Your candy cane hook is ready for duty. Remember, it's only as strong as the candy, so don't hang anything heavy on it. Alternately, use it as an ornament on the tree.

Candy Cane Hook

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